Introducing Global Campus Junior: learning made fun for early years students

Nord Anglia Global Campus takes education beyond the classroom. Bringing together our 69 schools around the world, it  is fundamental  to how we teach our students to be truly global citizens. The highly personalised learning platform provides a safe space for students to connect and collaborate with each other, and offers a huge variety of engaging extra-curricular activities. It is an essential part of how BSY students explore independent learning.

After many successful years with our older students, we’re thrilled to have now launched a version specifically for our youngest year groups. Whether in the classroom or learning via a virtual school, Nord Anglia Global Campus Junior is available for students to enjoy, wherever they are.


In the following, we introduce new features, exclusively created for BSY early years students.


Story Sacks is an exciting weekly staple for our youngest book lovers. A new audio book launches every Monday with story favourites specifically aimed at children under eight years old. Around the world our students can enjoy beloved tales like The Gruffalo or The Hungry Caterpillar, read aloud by their teachers and occasional guest appearances from the authors themselves! Alongside each audio book are a series of seven tasks for children to complete. These are designed to complement the key areas of the early years curriculum: language, art and design, literacy, maths, understanding the world, personal development and physical development.


Learning should be an adventure! Introducing the Forest School, an explorative teaching tool designed to inspire curiosity in every young mind. Each week students around the world share in the fun of a new leaf appearing on the Forest School tree. When the leaf falls it unlocks a new activity! This could be anything from a town and city scavenger hunt, to a mindfulness task or guided mini beast research. Combining outdoor learning with play, the Forest School has been created specifically to teach children important skills like investigation and observation whilst exploring the nature on their doorstep.

Engaging young children in many of life’s most important lessons isn’t always easy! So we’ve created Junior Elements to make the process simple for children and parents alike. This section of Global Campus Junior is all about helping early years students learn new skills through methods which encourage them to practice and retain what they’ve learnt. Every project is designed around a simple three-step learning process: learning something new, practising the skill and producing something afterwards to demonstrate what has been learnt.


Supporting BSY parents

Young children need lots of stimuli to stay engaged and we know this can be a challenge for parents who are juggling having the whole family learning and working from home. We’ve created Global Campus Junior activities that can all be completed offline to reduce screen time, without the ongoing guidance of a teacher or parent. To support parents, we’ve also created a top tips section with Global Campus Junior which is packed with useful information for parents on how to guide their children, understanding effective learning techniques and getting the most out of the platform.


To learn more about how we bring a world class education to our students at home join our virtual open day on 26 November.